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Prepare your fleet with confidence for SIRE 2.0

Christos Georgiou

18 Apr 2024

Mastering SIRE 2.0 inspection end to end. Prepare your crew, evaluate and submit the Pre-Inspection Questionnaire, stay complaint.

The SIRE 2.0 questionnaire now features an enhanced array of comprehensive questions, guaranteeing a more detailed and nuanced evaluation of maritime safety and operational criteria. One of the key enhancements in SIRE 2.0 is the integration of the human element. This update acknowledges the pivotal role crew members hold in upholding vessel safety and efficiency. The revised inspection model entails interviewing and evaluating a broader spectrum of crew members during the vetting process. This ensures their readiness to address pertinent SIRE 2.0 inquiries regarding their vessel and showcases their adept handling of day-to-day vessel operations.

As a first step, crew awareness of the SIRE 2.0 inspection process will secure that the ship is well-prepared to pass the inspection. This is handled by distributing this information to the crew via QUALITYimpact to the relevant vessels and ranks. Use the prepared guidelines or easily prepare your own and keep the crew updated on any changes and amendments.

The subsequent step involves developing and maintaining comprehensive checklists accessible to crew members. These checklists serve to guarantee the completion of all necessary inspections and the the safety measures are in place. SAFETYimpact has these checklists already prepared and ready to use as is or adapt. The can be executed either via our web app onboard or with mobile app access to install on any intrinsically safe android device. Included in these are mock SIRE 2.0 assessment based on Core/Rotational1/Rotational2 question to keep the crew well prepared. User the mobile device to capture SIRE 2.0 Pre-Inspection Questionnaire available to the office as each question is completed.

Finally as documentation is a key part of SIRE inspections, our FLEETimpact Vessel Documents ensures the tracking of vessel certificates and documents, and to create and monitor the survey activities to ensure compliance.

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