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CREWimpact - Crewing and Payroll

“The right crew in the right place on time and well informed”

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CREWimpact delivers fast access and efficient administration of the personal information of seafarers, their contact details, employment, certification and career development path.  ​  

The payroll is specifically designed for the Maritime industry. Automatically producing basic pay based on crewing activities, award bonus and reconcile adjustments while catering for exceptions.

Know you crew

Maintain a full 360-degree view on your seafarers, including bio data, next of kin, previous experience, experience with company, promotions, trainings, appraisals, payments etc.

Optimize scheduling

Selects the best fit for upcoming voyages, taking both experience, certifications, trainings, past appraisals as well as inhouse and third-party requirements (OCIMF matrix etc) into consideration. Organize travel, take care of visa requirements and optimize costs. Integrate with your travel provider of choice.

Develop your crew

Turn appraisals into training needs and suggested promotions. Track trainings, both onboard, classroom, virtual as well as online. Integrate with the commonly used training platforms in the industry (OTG, Mintra etc).

Pay what is due on time

Define what you pay (wage scales, bonus schemes, overtime schemes) and how you pay (allotments, final wage accounts etc). Integrate with your house bank, approve and execute payments.

“A clear, consistent and accurate way for managing your entire crew”


Get to know your crew with the intuitive and effective layout of seafarers’ bio.

  • Demographic information

  • Appearance details

  • Employment overview

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Ensure optimal performance of the crew by managing feedback and proactively taking required actions.

  • To further improve crew competencies

  • To ensure highest levels of safety and crew welfare

Certificates and Travel Documents

Effortless management of crew documents and endorsements based on industry and STCW directives.

  • Track and share accurately the related information and digital attachments

  • Manage the renewal of upcoming expiring documents

  • Ensure validation and compliance of planned voyages and last-minute updates

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Training & Training Needs

Comprehensive trainings and training needs management systems allow for the planning, monitoring and implementation of career development paths

  • Keeping seafarers dedicated to the company

  • Motivated to further develop their skills

Crew Reports

CREWimpact delivers standard industry specific reports including:

  • OCIMF Matrix

  • Australia Crew List

  • IMO FAL Form 5

  • Document requirements Matrix

  • Crew Change Checklist

  • Crew budget overview

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Our planner enables the accurate allocation of to their vessel.


  • Certificate check when setting the crew member.

  • Ability to prepare the documents, letters, application and travel arrangements.


Specifically engineered for the Maritime industry, based on international standards that can adopt to various computation methods.

  • Automatically produce pay based on various crewing activities

  • Award bonus items based on various criteria

  • Calculate reconciliation based on adjustments  

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