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FLEETimpact – Vessels

“360 degree view on your fleet – anywhere real time” 

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Create, edit and manage fleet and vessel information.

Including vessel positions, vessel schedule, equipment  and vessel certificates


Keep track of past positions and upcoming schedule, integrate various sources (noon reports, S-Insight, Veslink, etc)


Map individual vessels and whole fleets, offer a single point of entry to all stakeholders (clients, charterers, owners, management, super intendents & seafarers), drill down to vessel specifics as well as current and upcoming crew.

Up-to-date Certificates

Maintain and update certificates and other vessel documents at source, schedule surveys for renewal based on individual survey windows.

Feed modules

Connect events to voyages and positions, plan crew and replan travel based on an updated vessel schedule, consider vessel specifics during briefings. 

“A complete overview of your fleet"

Vessel and fleet particulars

  • Complete fleet overview

  • Vessel details 

  • Fleet details

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FLEETimpact HEMS.png

Positions & Schedule

  • Vessel details

  • Voyages 

  • Vessel certificates

  • Current crew assignment


Mobile surveys​

  • Answer configurable questions

  • View the progress

  • Capture images directly onto the audit

  • Follow-up on your laptop with seamless synchronization 

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Vessel documents

Effortless management of vessel certificates and documents.

  • Track and share accurately the related information and digital attachments

  • Manage the renewal of upcoming expiring documents

  • Schedule intermediate, annual and renewal surveys

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