Seatrade ShipTech Middle East conference

Seatrade ShipTech Middle East conference

SOFTimpact, was invited to this year’ s Seatrade ShipTech Middle East conference in Dubai, where our cyber security consultant Alexandros Theofilou delivered an interactive presentation on Cyber Risk and Data Theft. The presentation was held on 23rd of September 2019 at Madinat Jumeirah Conference.

Cyber Risk and data theft are one of the top 3 concerns for the shipping industry, along with ‘global economic crisis’ and ‘energy price fluctuations’ and we believe the industry is not prepared well enough for the level of sophistication of cyber-attacks that are on a constant rise across the globe.

During the only interactive presentation Alexandros demonstrated four live, real-time hacking techniques of ransomware attacks using one of the most common devices of transferring data, namely USB, phishing email attack, password hacking and information theft using Wi-Fi hacking methods.

We are convinced that any vessel is vulnerable to these threats at any time anywhere and imagine having a vessel infected with a virus and due to traveling you cannot clean it up or you don’t know even that is infected till the next review or check up from an IT in a port that alone makes it scary enough.

With our defense planning we can make sure in advance that the vessel is safe from cyber threats.

Are you cyber ready?