SEACOR Marine successfully upgrades to the latest Seanique version

SEACOR Marine successfully upgrades to the latest Seanique version

LIMASSOL, Cyprus – Nov. 10, 2017 – SEACOR Marine acknowledging the important role of Seanique in daily operations, opted to safeguard their investment with an upgrade to the latest version of Seanique – SOFTimpact’s Crew and Payroll software solution for the maritime industry.

Building on the robust foundations of the old Seanique version that successfully served SEACOR Marine for years, the latest version continues on the same path with enhanced functionality and new features, aligned with the latest maritime industry trends and regulations.

As a powerful and easy to use software tool, the new Seanique version will further assist the SEACOR Marine crewing, operations and payroll professionals of the various international branches, in the daily processes in an effective and efficient way.

Ms. Diane Smart, International HR Manager of SEACOR Marine quoted:

“SOFTimpact provide us with a first class service and are always on hand to provide assistance.  They understand the intricacies involved in crewing and payroll for the maritime industry. The new upgrade of Seanique with enhanced functionalities and features has enabled us to keep ahead of regulatory and client requirements in the maritime industry.”

Mr. Panayiotis Nicolaou, Principal Consultant Maritime Applications at SOFTimpact quoted:

“We would like to thank SEACOR Marine management for their trust, the Seacor Seanique project team and key users for their efforts in completing this milestone, and remains committed to the seamless cooperation of the companies, working towards the same goal of archiving an optimal user experience for all professionals”.

About SOFTimpact

SOFTimpact Ltd. is a leading Maritime IT solutions provider based in Cyprus for over 19 years. The firms CREWimpact product line helps shipping manage their crewing and payroll.

SOFTimpact ( is completely dedicated to implementing Innovative IT solutions anywhere in the world. The company specializes in products like Payroll, Crewing, KPI and Cybersecurity for Maritime and works with associations such as BIMCO, Intermanager and the Nautical Institute.

About SEACOR Marine

SEACOR Marine ( is among the leading providers of global marine and support transportation services to offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production facilities worldwide.

SEACOR Marine currently operates a diverse fleet of offshore support and specialty vessels that deliver cargo and personnel to offshore installations; handle anchors and mooring equipment required to tether rigs to the seabed; tow rigs and assist in placing them on location and moving them between regions; and carry and launch equipment used underwater in drilling and well installation, maintenance and repair.

Additionally, SEACOR Marine’s vessels provide accommodations for technicians and specialists, and provide safety support and emergency response services.