By choice SOFTimpact selects proven and future proof technologies for delivering its products. Based on the principle technology area, for physical or virtualized environments, enabled for on premise or the cloud, deployed for the office or onboard a vessel, we propose what we consider in each area the overall best of breed solution.
Microsoft Dynamics AX platform since the beginning of CREWimpact back in 2004, remains our platform of choice for deliver powerful, agile, easy-to-use solutions that add value across your organization, today and tomorrow.

Future proof

CREWimpact crewing and payroll is built within the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, serving as a specialized vertical solution for the maritime industry. The Microsoft environment backed with a successful history and future roadmap of developments, delivers a solid and overall user familiar environment to work with, integrating with MS Office products for the related email, word and excel needs. By adopting and enabling our solution to the latest version releases of Microsoft you benefit form latest technology trends. This security of investment can ensure undistracted business continuity for many years to come.

Securing data

Your data is a valuable asset and as such we make sure that is treated with special care. A robust set of security tools ensures that only authorized users gain access to the data and related information. User roles define the access level across the solution for viewing, creating, updating or deleting data. Security policies define which records (i.e. all or a subset) users can access in a specific screen and a comprehensive database log based on your needs can be configured to records all activates performed by internal or limited access external users.

Be alerted

For staying in control and managing business critical decisions, or simply ensuring prompt action and response to workflow and collaboration activities, notifications serve as a great tool for all users. Available across all screens, the event or time based alerts mechanism will keep you informed with the in-application notification alerts or choose to receive emails with the related information.  Based on your role, whether this is to approve a seafarer promotion, acknowledge an appraisal or be informed about a vessel crew change delay, you can stay informed in a practical manner.

Access documents

Managing, accessing and communicating documents to various stakeholders is a major maritime activity both in terms of volume and business importance.  The available in all screens document handling mechanism allows you effectively add and share documents to authorized users, across departments and geographical regions. With a simple step, find, view, print or email all types of documents such as certificates, medicals, travel documents, contracts, appraisals and others when you need to do so, in the optimized and efficient  way.

Report everywhere

Users often correctly comment on, why should they make the effort and enter all information at hand into a solution, if only at a later stage find out that there is no easy way to view this information in a practical manner. We have prepared and optimized a wide range of inquiries and standard reports to cover all functional areas of crewing and payroll activities. Over and above this, the embedded reporting engine allows for wizard based reports to be generated in all major screens, transforming your entered data into information for taking the necessary decisions and actions.

Be transparent

Web portals may often be more limited by design, compared to the functionality and data available in the main application. Yet the CREWimpact Central product, serves as an independent, powerful and comprehensive hub allowing access to business information. Authorized users from owners, charterers, agencies as well as your out of the office users can access the information relevant to them, enabling collaboration, improving clarity, providing always the latest information and saving time and effort of all parties involved.

Data entry at source

CREWimpact OnBoard module designed and optimized for vessel operations, acts as the gateway of exchanging information between the main office and the vessels. Latest information can be communicated to the vessel in a structured manner and remain available for review and processing with or without an established connection. In the same way the vessels can enter crewing and payroll related information automatically interfaced to the office for further processing, saving effort and time while increasing accuracy by avoiding double entry mistakes and inconsistencies.