When it comes to CREWimpact Crew and Payroll services our motto which also governs our actions, is to always be on the customers’ side. We make sure that our CREWimpact customers enjoy all the benefits of our products regardless of the deployment stage and the functional areas they have already started using. We help you fit the products to your requirements, get it running, keep it running, improve it, support it and upgrade it on an ongoing basis.

Get started

They say that the first step is always the hardest. But when it comes to CREWimpact software solutions we take the first few steps together with our customers until they are confident to run on their own.

We guide you through a structured analysis discussion, which effortlessly brings to light the key elements for setting up together your CREWimpact solution and adapting it to your work procedures. The gained knowledge allows you to take control of future configuration as your processes change and evolve over time, remaining available to consult you whenever you need us.

Go live on schedule

Planning and managing the project steps and deliverables, requires knowledge and experience in constantly taking necessary actions for achieving the schedule time targets, within budget and the agreed scope.

At SOFTimpact we use an in-house developed implementation methodology based on standard project principles and industry specific best practices, to ensure that your project is manages as effective and efficient as possible. We help you optimize collaboration between all parties and persons involved, while identifying any bottleneck so you can act fast to resolve them.

Ensure continuity

When companies decide to retire their legacy applications that might have severed them well for several years in the past, their primary aim is to retain and further strengthen their completive advantage in the market. Transforming the way you do business with a new solution helps you meet the nowadays requests and expectations of your partners and customers.

With all the benefits it brings, such a change of a business critical solution requires addressing several business and technical challenges. At SOFTimpact we can design, program and implement a complete data migration from your retiring solution to CREWimpact so that you retain all your valuable historic data and information.

Adopt to your needs

For the majority of shipping companies, an off-the-shelf software package is not able to address their overall business requirements. At SOFTimpact we also acknowledge the fact, that no two companies operate in the same exact way and that you should not bend to any IT solutions restrictions.

Once analysed together and positive of the benefits they can bring to your operations, we can enrich your CREWimpact software solution with custom development of new screens, logic and reports. By enabling you to incorporate your existing processes and workflow details into the solution, we facilitate that you can maintain your business competitive advantages against your specific maritime sector rivals.

Automate collaboration

In today’s diverse maritime business environment, shipping companies constantly seek ways to further automate the exchange of information with their various stakeholders in an efficient way.

Travel agents, port agents, manning agencies, travel agents, training institutions, taxation and social security governmental offices, banks and payment processing bureaus are just a few examples of the external business associates that you collaborate with. CREWimpact software solution can interface and integrate with their systems to automatically exchange information back and forth, minimizing mistakes, busting your department officers’ productivity and performance and at the same time significantly saving you time and costs

Maximize usage

Maritime software solutions is our area of expertise, both from a maritime industry and a software technical perspective. Our consulting and development teams join forces to understand, implement and deliver a fully functional solution based on management expectations.

Once your dedicated project team and key uses positively confirm the testing of the delivered solution, our training consultants will take action. Based on your preference we can train your trainers or alternatively all your professionals so that they can comfortably utilize and benefit from all provided CREWimpact functionality. We also make sure that from top management to officer level, users get retrained over time and up to speed with the newly introduced functionality and enhancements.

Avoid disruptions

Port authorities, classification societies, flag states, vessel charterers, vessel owners and your company’s management itself constantly update existing or introduce new regulations and policies. Additionally your associates and partners in business come to you with questions and requests for changes. At SOFTimpact the support team stands ready to receive your questions and promptly provide all related feedback so you can keep all operations running at all times. Choosing one of our support packages that best fits to you company needs, ensures that each of your users feels confident to handle any new or unexpected scenario. We support them handle any rare exception due to a last minute enforced crew changes to a last day of payroll required amendment.

Benefit from enhancements

At SOFTimpact, through our participation in various maritime organizations committees, as well as speakers or conference panelists to various international events, we strive to always stay on the forefront of the latest maritime developments and be well informed about newly introduced regulations. Adding to this, all the knowledge we acquire from daily discussions with our customers and associates we transform into new features and up-to-date functionality so always have an upto date software solution for all your crewing and payroll needs. We create the value so you can decide if we should remain your supplier and partner of choice for the foreseeable future…