Risk Assessments

Our Cybersecurity consultants will work with you to review your current Cybersecurity “Readiness” We will work to expose weaknesses in both technology and employees. Review your procedures and policies to check if they could use used against you by a hacker.

Understand your risks and address them before its too late.

Understand the Threats

Our Cybersecurity Consultants will meet and discuss the Cybersecurity topic with all levels of employee from end user all the way through to Board Level.  Our Consultants will discuss the risks faced by many companies and how these can be address and agree the scope of the Risk Assessment with the management.

Find your Risk Level

Our Cybersecurity Consultants, will carry out a comprehensive review of all systems included within the agreed scope. This can include both IT and OT systems, written documentations, internal or externally facing systems, data security and readiness to recover from an attack.

Mature your Security

Once the review is complete, our Consultants will analyze their findings and grade the risks by priority. They will produce a Risk Assessment document with their findings, the risk table and recommendations for improvement.

They will also produce an executive summary presentation for delivering these findings to management.

Make Informed Decisions

Our Consultants will deliver the presentation to management or board of directors. During the session they will also deliver the written documentation.At the end of the session an open q&a discussion can take place