Penetration Testing

Our Cybersecurity consultants will put on their hacking hats and attack your company’s infrastructure and communications platforms in an effort to find weaknesses in your defenses. They will carry out Social Engineering attacks to bypass your security via your employees

Identify your weaknesses before they are exploited for real

Expose your weak spots

Our Cybersecurity Consultants will work to gain information on your network and points of access. Using the same tools Hackers utilize, they will scan, probe and attack your networks to try and pinpoint weakness and exploit these to get access to your systems and see what this means in terms of risks.

Learn your staff weaknesses

Our Consultants will utilize Open Source Intelligence and Social media along with other techniques to build up a picture of your key employees. They will then utilize in Social engineering attacks to trick your employees into giving them access to your systems.

Informed spending on IT Security

Penetration testing coupled with Social engineering is a great way to find out if you have weaknesses in either technology or cyber awareness levels of your employees. Perhaps your technology in place is already great but incorrectly setup leaving you exposed or your staff are simply giving access through naivety. So spending your budget on technology would not help you, but training would.

Strengthen your security

Our Consultants will deliver the results of the penetration test in a written report to the management or board of directors, alongside a executive presentation explaining the findings. At the end of the session an open q&a discussion can take place