CREWimpact Payroll is specifically engineered for the Maritime industry and is based on international standards with localization options for several regions. Designed to embed your company’s specific computation methods, it can automatically produce basic pay based on crewing activities, award bonus and reconcile adjustments while catering for exceptions and special cases handling.

Align with crewing needs

When payroll processing is based on generated crewing activities this ensures that the desired segmentation of duties is applied, optimal collaboration of departments is achieved and unnecessary double entry is eliminated.

CREWimpact powerful payroll engine through the flexible setup structure options, the multi-company and multi-currency capabilities ensures that crewing activities are seamlessly providing the base input for payroll processing allowing payroll officers to focus on handling the variable pay items.

Pay what’s due

Companies continuously aim to standardise and simplify the structure of the offered benefits to seafarers and package them into templated wage scales, all in an effort to achieve transparent and easy to understand salary calculations.

CREWimpact’s related wage scale profile engine allows the automatic allocation of wage scales items to the contract of seafarers based on the multiple criteria such as the rank, qualifications and type of work performed. Pay confidently only what is due while earning your seafarers trust on this critical matter.

Reward top performance

Over and above standard salary, overtime compensation and leave pay allowance, top performing seafarers often enjoy additional benefits including performance bonus.

CREWimpact’s powerful bonus management system ensures that with simple setup and maintenance actions, various bonus rewards are generated during payroll based on the defined conditions and are summarized to payroll users for staying in control of the process.

Stay in budget

When a significant amount of money is being processed, such as the consolidated payroll for a group of seafarers, having a corresponding budget to compare it against allows for prompt error preventing activities as well as future corrective actions if required.

CREWimpact’s crew budget functionality allow you to define, monitor and compare your budgeted wages of crew and supplementary expenses against the actual costs of crewing operations staying in control of your financial KPIs.

Pay on time

It is often the case for payroll officers as the end of the payroll period cycle is approaching, to find themselves under enormous time pressure to process, revise and finalize the payroll calculations for generating the payments within the narrow time window defined by the company policies.

CREWimpact’s payroll automation and verification features, wave this pressure away allowing for recurring payroll runs during the month, real time warning messages for handling exceptions and automatic reconciliation corrective adjustments based on unexpected last minute crewing changes.

Avoid erroneous payments

Deriving to the correct calculation of seafarers’ salaries is a challenging task by itself, so having the correct figures at hand but then making an erroneous payment due to the human typing errors, with all the follow up and correction overhead can be a laborious process.

CREWimpact’s integration and interfacing capabilities allow for the automatic processing of the payment instructions with your banks or payment bureaus of preference, archiving prompt and accurate payments for newly hired and existing crew.

Involve your crew

The payroll officers ashore have the necessary wage scale information and seafarer specific contract details with daily rates and the applying rules. Yet the depend on the Master on board or the authorized crew member for receive seafarers’ communication expenses, slop chest, bond store, cash advances, overtime and additional payable duties information before finalizing the payroll.

CREWimpact’s payroll on-board functionality ensures that all payroll related details are entered at source and communicated seamlessly from the vessels to the main office ashore.

Stay in control

During the course of a month, many crewing originating activities such as promotions on board, end of assignment final wage account settlements, delayed vessel port visits and many more require the payroll officers to constantly manage the information flow.

CREWimpact’s payroll automatic warning messages act as a payroll user virtual assistant enabling drill down functionality to easily evaluate the source of the issue. Optimized for the purpose payroll inquiry screens and a long list of wizard based payroll reports allow officers to have the control at any stage of the payroll process.