KPI Training

The Shipping KPIs training program is designed to help the participants to get an advance understanding of the KPI Standard by walking step by step on the KPI pyramid. At the same time, participants get a hands-on experience and familiarize themselves with the KPI system and learn how to submit ship data and create benchmarks. To ensure a smooth learning experience we offer a variety of methods to maximize knowledge transfer. The program has been developed for staff working in shipping organizations across the different organizational levels.

Understand Shipping KPI

As part of the training, you get an introduction on the KPI Standard so to gain an understanding of KPI hierarchy, how the data is combined and ship ratings are calculated. You will learn about the different indicators, how they are measured and how you can use them to make informed decisions about your fleet.

Tailor to your needs

The KPI training is designed to guide the participants on how setup and manage their company accounts. In Shipping KPI System accounts represent companies such as ship owners, ship managers or other maritime related corporations.  Learn about the different organizational levels, how to setup your business units and maintain user accounts, what is the role of account manager and how to select the KPIs of your interest.

Submit data efficiently

Learn about the different methods of entering ships data and be educated how to avoid extra overhead. Data entry can be faster and more convenient as users can alternatively use the CSV file importer and copy data from previous quarters or even integrate their 3rd party applications with Shipping KPIs.

Compare to the industry

You can compare your fleets or specific ships against the whole industry or a subset of the industry that you define. Compare against fleets based on the ship type, trading areas, flag and more. We take confidentiality very seriously and therefore all statistical information remain anonymous.

Speak the industry language

Shipping KPI standard provides a common communication platform across the industry so that internal and external stakeholders communicate more efficiently. Familiarize yourself with the Shipping KPI concepts and keywords so that you understand your customers and partners.

Get certified

Join the Shipping KPI Professionals Community and position yourself among the top professionals in Shipping KPIs by obtaining the premium recognition’s for your competencies as a professional.