KPI Integration

Integrating your applications with the Shipping KPIs gives your own internal applications the ability to submit ships data automatically as well as consuming any statistics. You can make submission of ships as simple as clicking a button, and view on your own company system the information that really matters to you. Our experienced software development team can build the solution tailored to your needs to leverage your data gathering.

Minimize data entry

By integrating your applications with the Shipping KPIs and you can automatically have your data uploaded from your preferred platform. Instead of manually filling out information for every ship, you can easily synchronize that information directly to the Shipping KPIs.

Ensure integrity

Data integrity is fundamental. Transfer data from your applications to the Shipping KPIs with the highest security standards ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data stored in the database. Be sure that your data has remained unaltered in transit from creation to reception stayed exactly as it was inputted.

Get more than you put

Integration gives you the ability to download your company’s KPIs and benchmarks and directly display them in your own system. Get benchmark data for a specific fleet on a specific quarter broken down by a given ship attribute parameter. Get an insight of the performance of your ships on each SPI (Shipping Performance Index) and compare to other industry fleets. Get the trend of a specific ship or fleet overtime to allow you to understand the development of your ship/fleet and if understand if changes made in the management of the ship have improved its performance on specific SPIs/KPIs/PIs.

Analyze on any device

You can integrate your applications with the Shipping KPI and easily manipulate your data ubiquitously. The API gives you the convenience of accessing your data from a platform of your interest either this is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Integrate securely

We have the technical skills and experience of working across multiple platforms to securely implement and integrate your applications with the Shipping KPI. With the most comprehensive security measures in place, we make data secure in transit and at rest, giving you full confidence.

Promote your performance

Promote the efficiency and performance results of the ships you manage or own on your company’s website. Uplift the reputation of your company to earn new customers and at the same time automate reports to your existing customers enhancing trust relationships between each other. Excellent ship operational performance deserves well promotion as a proof of continuous development and care of your customers.