KPI Consulting

Here at SOFTimpact, we understand that business excellence for maritime organizations such ship owners, technical and crew managers is fundamental in operating ships and achieving results. Our qualified KPI consultants sit with you to analyze the necessary input data, the performance of your ships as output and provide expert advice on what to improve and how. We are here to offer you the insight to reach the desired level of performance and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Turn data into knowledge

Knowledge is the true destination in the pursuit of data. Having Shipping KPIs as the appropriate tool to monitor your performance, to pursue and gain competitive advantage you also need to identify the right performance measurements resulting from ship operations and interpret the output in a meaningful manner.

Analyze your gaps

We help you with analyzing your key performance indicators by reviewing your data sources, the data collection process as a whole and your operational procedures in general. The analysis gives you the insights you need to initiate changes, establish KPI targets and finally drive improvements in your ships operational performance.

Spend where it matters

Interpreting your KPIs and benchmarking results correctly can help departmental and top managers to focus on the areas that will make the greatest impact and maximize cost savings for your business. Decisions impact the ability of the organization to achieve strategic objectives but which KPIs have the most positive impact and influence in your fleet performance?

Boost performance

We comprehensively evaluate the quality and completeness of your data, identify opportunities for improvement in ship operational activities and give specific recommendations to boost ships performance.

Demonstrate excellence

Analyze and report your performance information so to promote the efficiency and performance results of the ships you manage or own to your external stakeholders. Uplift the reputation of your company and earn new customers while at the same time enhancing trust relationships between you and your external parties such as charterers, owners and regulatory bodies by showing the importance of continuous development and care.

Stay ahead

The need for business to rethink strategy and operations design is no longer optional if you want to have a competitive edge. We are here to offer you the insight to reach the desired level of performance and differentiate yourself to competitors.