End User Awareness Training

Our End User Awareness Cybersecurity training is designed to educate your employees on the major Cyberthreats currently targeting the Industry. By making the training interactive, fun and including live hacking demonstrations of commonly used technologies, we ensure your employees go away ready to help defend your company.

The last line of defense, your employees.

Ready for anything

Hackers are targeting your business 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. And no longer are they attacking the IT Security technologies, but your staff directly.

Your staff are the gatekeepers of the system and they need to be trained and ready to deal with any Cyber attack or threat which they might face during their daily tasks.

Train your staff and thwart the hackers.

Learn to Protect

Our Cybersecurity Consultants, will train your employees on up-to-date techniques used by hackers to try and gain access to your sensitive data. Utilizing games to help with memory retention coupled with live interactive demos showing inherent weaknesses in technologies such as USB, Wifi and email, the employees will be shocked to see how easily these can be used against them and your company.

Customized training

For larger Maritime companies we can customize the End User Awareness training to include information on company specific policies and procedures for both office based and vessel based employees.

Phishing Simulation

Once your employees have been trained on the risks and threats. We can arrange to run a simulated Phishing test against your company to ensure the employees have retained the knowledge and are following your policies and procedures for opening of emails.