Decision Maker Training

Our Decision Maker Cybersecurity training is designed to educate C-Level and Mid management levels within your company. You will learn about the risks effecting Maritime companies. Our consultants will discuss strategies to mitigate these including policies, procedures and auditing of business partners.

Be informed on how to keep your company safe from Cyber threats.

Make informed decisions

Our Cybersecurity Consultants will educate you on the Cyber Threats currently targeting the Maritime Industry. By using real world examples of attacks which have happened in the Industry and looking at how other industries have been effected. You can begin to understand the Risks your company will face in the coming years.

Reducing your risk

Once the risks have been explained. Our Consultants will talk about the combination of technology, education, policies and procedures and how the correct use of these can help reduce and mitigate the Cyber risks that could effect your company.


Our Consultants will discuss the various guidelines which have appeared over the past couple of years from Associations to Class Societies. Help you make sense of these and explain the best of the guidelines and practices that could be used for your company

Consultancy Included

Included with the course is 2hrs of telephone consultancy. This is usually carried out within a week of the course completion and allows you to ask any further questions which have come up since your return to the office, or for advice on topics such as implementation of policies.