Cyber Defense Planning

Our Cyber defense specialists will work with you to proactively implement a Cyber Defense Strategy to keep your company safe and reduce your risks.

They will answer any questions your company may have, while offering impartial advice on how to secure your organization, types of technologies to use and what cyber threats are already happening and the forecast for future threats/trends.

Avoid being the lone sheep among the wolves

Assess your Risks

Our Cybersecurity Consultants will meet and discuss the Cybersecurity topic with all levels of employee from end user all the way through to Board Level.  This allows our Consultants a base for what concerns a company might have, what they have already done on the topic, and what they would like to achieve, while also gaining a general understanding of the level of Cybersecurity culture within the organization.

Improve your controls

Our Cybersecurity Consultants, will analyze any existing policies and procedures to see if they could be exploited and give suggestions on improvement to mitigate risks.

In case a relevant policy or procedure doesn’t exist, they will work with your company to write and formulate the policies according to your business and security needs.

Build a Strong Defence

Proactively working on the Cybersecurity topic will allow your company to reduce its risks and exposure before these are exploited by the hackers. By further maturing and implementing a Cybersecurity “Culture”, will ensure your defenses continue to evolve and protect from new threats.

Use the Right Technology

We will offer impartial advice on the kinds of technologies currently in place vs what is available in the market and how combining technologies could give you a multilayer defence