CREWimpact Crewing is a comprehensive software solution enabling your to streamline, manage and analyse the on-going crewing operation across departments. The structured workflows and compliance checks automation empowers users to maintain full control over the daily critical activites.

Users, supervisors and managers from HR, Crewing, Operations, Payroll departments all collaborate effectively and base their activities and decisions on commonly shared information.

Know your crew

In today’s collaborative business environment it is of major importance to have a central point of reference to rely on, not only for getting the crew complete set of information but also have at any time the very latest updates provided from multiple source channels.

CREWimpact through its intuitive end user friendly interface allows authorized users fast access and efficient administration of the personal information of seafarers, their contact details, employment, certification and career development path – facilitating crew welfare activities for optimal crew performance.

Optimize the experience set

We all agree that the people are among a company’s most important and valuable assets. Over and above their education, knowledge and skills, their experience is the element which provides the extra confidence that the crew can perform their daily duties at the utmost manner.

CREWimpact allows for the easy entry of historic experience from previous employing companies as well as the automatic tracking of experience based on completed on board assignments. Make the best possible crew selection decisions of on board crew combined experience and present the information on structured reports.

Maximize resource usage

Onshore crewing department users know very well that planning crew on board vessels and scheduling their on board assignment details is a process with several aspects. Availability, compliance, travel options, costs and many more elements, need to be address with the necessary attention and care.

CREWimpact through its powerful graphical rotation planners as well as the more detailed tabular format crew change screens allow for both fast and easy long-term planning as well as more refined short-term planning of upcoming crew changes. Schedule the best fitted crew for each job while ensuring that crew is evenly utilizing across vessels.

Comply with regulations

International maritime industry regulations are continuously changing while vessel type requirements and geographical region rules add more complexity to the process of ensuring crew compliance for repeating or new vessel routes.

CREWimpact facilitates the management of requirements set by various sources, such as the industry, STCW, charterers, owners or the company internally defined rules during normal future planning as well as for last minutes changes. Get automatic, real-time, interactive warning feedback and confirmation that your planning is fully in order.

Facilitate skill development

Companies invest in cadets and trainee programs for ensuring having future qualified seafarers with in-house company processes and vessels experience. Yet the main emphasis is given to the continuous skill development of all crew regardless of their employed rank.

CREWimpact’s comprehensive training and appraisal management systems allow for the planning, monitoring and implementation of career development paths, keeping seafarers dedicated to the company and motivated to further develop their skills.

Reduce travel overhead

Arranging for the travel of the crew can be a fairly straight forward task but at times this process can also prove to be a more laborious activity with multiple back and forth communication messages and correspondence between related parties.

CREWimpact’s travel management functionality allows you to automate the process to the ideal level based on the internal procedures and travel agent agreements, reducing overhead and saving you valuable time while minimizing or eliminating mistakes through structured workflow process steps.

Communicate efficiently

Communication is one of the most fundamental principles in a crewing department which requires methodical actions, discipline and attention to detail. Calling, emailing or otherwise communicating with the seafarers the vessels and all related parties and agencies is a huge daily endeavour.

CREWimpact’s embedded email integration, along with the optimized screens and functionality allows for effective and efficient communication activities, enabling effortless collaboration across departments and external parties.

Stay in control

When dealing in parallel with various activities a crewing officer needs to be able to find information fast without compromising on the quality or accuracy of the results. No matter if the nature of the request is recurring or ad hoc, officers need to address them and find the answers.

CREWimpact’s work inquiry screens and standard reports, support daily operations providing and presenting the information for decision making. All the details entered or calculated by the system allow the crewing officers to take and maintain control.