About Us


SOFTimpact LTD is a maritime IT service provider based in Cyprus. We partner with our customers from initial consulting, to actual development, to management of the implemented solution, allowing our customers to concentrate on their core business. Our activities are simply driven by the needs of our customers. We are completely dedicated to implementing Innovative IT solutions for the maritime industry anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

We provide software and IT services for our maritime clients to excel.

Our Vision

Our vision is for our clients and their stakeholders to be live and effective within 2 days.



We are knowledge workers and value the skills and competencies of our colleagues and customers. We aim high and want to deliver the technical best solution and service feasible. We share our experiences and learn from others.

Customer Care

We are receptive to customer feedback and are responsive to their requests. We communicate clearly the cause of any issues and keep the customer continuously informed about our progress. We expect our customer to raise issues, but assume the solution lies with us.

Industry Specialists

We know the Maritime industry, its trends, rules and regulations. We anticipate developments and have suitable solutions ready, when they become required by our clients.


We give our customers true advice. If our own solutions do not fit to the customer’s needs, then we express this clearly and help the customer find a suitable alternative. What we promise, we keep.


We actively review our products and services, lookout for new ways of serving our clients, invent new solutions and discuss them with our customers.